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Apostle Dr. Jesse Roberson, Jr

Born into humble beginnings, Apostle Dr. Roberson is the eldest son of four siblings. Growing up, he has always been set apart. His family always knew that there was something unique and different about him.

God began to show His gifts in Apostle Dr. Roberson’s life at an early age. Because of his love for music, his years in ministry began at the tender age of 5, and began his ministry journey as a drummer, playing for the gospel group “The Sensational Revelators.” He expanded his musician skills by playing for many churches, choirs, as well as many gospel recording artist. As a church musician, God began to introduce him to many different levels of ministry.

As time progressed, Apostle Dr. Roberson knew that it was something more that God had in store for him; so he began his search, praying and asking God to show him what He had for him to do. One Friday night, God came strong into Apostle Roberson’s life and turned him completely around. As he began his true walk with God, he found himself to be on fire for the things of God. Apostle Dr. Roberson made the declaration as Joshua did in Josh. 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

After overcoming many obstacles in his life, Apostle Dr. Roberson remained steadfast on the battlefield working for the Lord. Making his call and election sure, he was ordained in the Gospel Ministry in 2003, and later elevated to the Office of an Apostle in 2012.

Apostle Jesse Roberson is the Senior Pastor of Healing Waters Outreach Ministry in Newnan, GA. He is a visionary leader who holds God and his family at the center of his life. His greatest passion is to see the Body of Christ activated and operating in the fullness and power in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fulfilling their call and destiny. He operates in the Office of an Apostle, which allows him to flow heavily in areas of revelation, prophecy, healing, deliverance, miracles, signs, and wonders. When he ministers, he does not come with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. It remains in his heart to see God’s people delivered, healed, set free, and blessed with the desires of their hearts.

Apostle Dr. Roberson has served in many capacities. He has served as Founder and Director of Intimacy X’s 2, a Marriage Ministry, along with his wife; Director of Men’s Ministry, Director of Community Outreach, and Assistant Pastor. He has received training in Altar Counseling and Armor Bearing. He has also obtained numerous certificates for courses completed through the World Bible School. April 2018, Apostle Dr. Roberson received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, FL.

God has truly blessed Apostle Roberson and his family. In 1996, he married the love of his life, Prophetess Dr. Dana Roberson. He is the father of two beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Jessica, and two sons, Justin and Joshua. He is truly a visionary leader who holds God and his family at the center of his life.

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